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An Al Hajjaj agent can perform Hajj on your behalf or on behalf of a deceased relative or friend for only GBP1,299.00

Amongst Free Hajj and Umrah services for the poor, Al Hajjaj also provides a service where we will appoint one of our agents to perform Hajj on your behalf.

This is permissible in Islam on the condition that you are physically incapable of performing Hajj yourself due to old age or illness.

The agent / pilgrim in this case who is performing Hajj on your behalf is known as a "na'ib."

The main condition that is placed on the na'ib is that they have performed Hajj themselves on a previous occasion. All Al Hajjaj agents meet this criteria.

Another scenario under which you can appoint somebody to perform Hajj is for a deceased relative or friend.

If a person was in a position to perform hajj in their lifetime but didn't do so, then it is obligatory upon the heirs of that person's estate to hire a person to do Hajj on that person's behalf as the unfulfilled Hajj is equal to a debt for the deceased person.

We are able to offer the service of performing Hajj for someone else in the most professional way and competent of ways.

Here's what you get:

  • We will supply various photo's of the agent's Hajj journey in Mecca, Mina, Arafat, Muzdalifah as proof to show you that our agent will be performing Hajj on your behalf.
  • We will provide a "proof photo" where the agent will pose for a personal message in any place of your choice as shown in the sample photo.
  • The phone number of the agent appointed to performing Hajj on your behalf will be given to you so you can stay in touch with them every step of their journey. You can also pass on any specific dua requests to them in person.
  • Qurbani is included in the price quoted to you.
  • There are no hidden costs in our price.

Contact us now to book an Al Hajjaj agent to perform Hajj on your behalf or on behalf of a deceased relative or friend.