Our Hajj 2013 programme was a huge success. What started off as a vision to help a few poor people perform Hajj, resulted (by the will of Allah) in us managing to raise enough money to send 6 different people from around the globe for Hajj. May Allah SWT accept the Hajj performed by all of these people and reward all those donated and helped us to make this happen.

Here's a snap shot of some of the people who we sent for Hajj in 2013.

Afusat Aduke Yusuf 56 from Nigeria

Afusat works as a petty trader in Nigeria. Her husband is an Imam at the local mosque. Their children had a dream that both of their parents may be able to perform Hajj in their life time. For Afusat's husband this dream came true a few years ago when somebody paid for him to go for Hajj.

For Afusat she carried on dreaming. She even had a passport made with the hope that one day she maybe able to go for Hajj. Her passport unfortunately expired in anticipation.

One of Afusat's sons lives is in the UK. He contacted us in summer 2013 asking us if we might be able to make his mother's dream come true as neither he nor any of his siblings could afford to pay for his mother to perform Hajj or accompany her as her mehram.

We decided that we would do our best to make Afusat's dream come true and Al Ham do lillah Allah SWT created a way for us to make it happen. We paid for Afusat and her mehram (her son Lateef) to perform Hajj together in 2013. We covered all of their costs associated with their trip including the cost of visa, passports, travel and accomodation. Click here for more photos

Lateef Oladimeji Yusuf 34 - Nigeria

Lateef comes from a poor back ground from Nigeria. He is the son of Afusat Yusuf from Nigeria (see above) who we also sent for Hajj in 2013. Lateef is accompanied his mother as her mehram. May Allah SWT reward him for his efforts. His father is an Imam for a local Masjid in the town where he lives. His brother Idris lives in the UK and is the person that originally contacted us requesting that we send their mother for Hajj. We paid for his passport and all other expenses and found a Hajj operator in Nigeria to take him and his mother for Hajj.

Hakeem Akanji Adamoh - 58 from Lagos Nigeria

Hakeem comes from a very poor suburb in Lagos Nigeria. He lost his wife on the 1st day of Ramadan in 2013 due to illness. He was not able to afford her medical bills and as a result her health deteriated until the point that he was left a widower. Hakeem was nominated for free Hajj by a relative that he has in the UK. We managed to secure enough funding to send him for Hajj in 2013.

Abu Bakr Winston - Age 60 - London

Being a UK based charity we thought it appropriate that we also help somebody from our own home country to perform Hajj. After searching for a suitable candidate through the British Muslim community, we were finally put in touch with brother Abu Bakr by the National Zakat Foundation.

Abu Bakr is aged 60 from Harlesden. He reverted to Islam in approximately 2008. He lives in council accomodation. He doesn't have any source of income and has no assets of value. He has never been married. He was delighted when we broke the news to him that we had selected him to go for Hajj.

We found a reputable UK based Hajj operator who gave us a discounted package price for brother Abu Bakr.

Brother Abu Bakr was delighted when we told him that we had chosen him to go for Hajj. He said that he would make dua that he can find a wife and get married marriage completes half of your deen.

Aasim Zakrzewski - Age 37 - London

Just when we thought we were ready to close our books for our 2013 Hajj fund raising programme, Allah SWT blessed us with an unexpected last minute donation.

The extra money meant we could send 1 more person to perform Hajj.

Brother Asim was nominated to us (indirectly) by Sheikh Suleman Ghani from the Islam Channel.

Asim is originally from Poland but lives in London. He grew up as a devout Christian who studied the Bible regularly.

He reverted to Islam 3 years ago and since then he's been active in giving Dawah to non Muslims. When brother Asim came to us he had no income and no job. He was also registered with the National Zakat foundation to receive Zakat. Brother Asim showed a huge amount of enthusiasm and persistence in his quest to be chosen to go for Hajj. We orginally had to say no to him due to lack of funding but the last minute donation meant we could take him. Brother Asim is still young and in-sha-Allah he has the rest of his life ahead of him to stabilise his income. On this basis brother Asim promised us if we could help him perform Hajj now then when he gets back onto his feet he will assist us financially to send another person on Hajj sometime in the future. How could we possibley refuse such a fantastic offer? We found a Hajj operator in East London who was kind enough to give us a discounted package price for brother Asim.

Hajj Masoud Abdalla - Age 33 from Kenya

Masood works in the General Service Unit in Kenya. The general service unit is another name for the riot police in Kenya. His wages are tiny and barely enough to live on. He is the Imam of the Masjid within the camp that he lives in (see pictures in the gallery). He also helps run a madrassa for 95 students and he acts as the Mudiir. The students come from the camp and also the neighbouring Utawala area. He is also pursuing a degree in Islamic studies in Thika college for Sharia and Islamic studies. This has only been possible thanks to some brothers in Kenya who pay for his education.